There are no rules...

(but you have to learn them first).

Lucas Kellison was born and raised in the armpit of Nebraska.  A full-time touring musician for a decade, Kellison honed his multi-instrumental and lead vocal chops with various acts.  He has been in and shared the stage with various acts, including George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic (bass/vocal), Gorillaz, Leela James, Dead Prez, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and many others.  He also worked for ?uestlove's (drummer for The Roots)

In his late teens, Kellison began being hired regularly as a session bassist, guitarist, and vocalist for various studio projects.  This led to an intense interest in music production and, eventually, audio engineering.  At the age of 24, Kellison began the process for general construction on the first purpose-built recording facility in Lincoln, NE in 40 years.  After a successful and challenging run as a studio/small business owner, Kellison decided it was time to branch out solo and work from his home studio--custom built over a two year period for high end hybrid digital and analog production, recording, mixing and mastering.  He has produced and mixed records which have been featured in movies and synced on MTV, VH1, CMT, and the Travel Channel.

As time has moved on, family and education have become the central priorities in Kellison's life.  Tours are much more rare these days, though the gigs are plenty.  An earned doctorate in the winter of 2018 likely entrenched Kellison permanently in the Lincoln-Omaha area as a liberal arts professor, performing/recording artist, producer, and engineer.  Despite only being in his 30s, Kellison is a veteran musician looking to mentor younger up-and-comers while doing his best to partner with others to revivify his community for budding creatives.  Unorthodox?  Perhaps, but orthodoxy is boring.