My new EP titled "Esoterica" is out on itunes and Spotify. Roughly 90% of this album's instrumentals were created during a manic 10pm - 6am "inspired" 2016 session with a bunch of my favorite players, including my co-writer on several tunes Dan Beard (guitar), Danny Firestone (bass on "Syllogisms: Snow, Partial bass on "Acid America" and "We Are S3lf Aware), Jens Lehman (keys), and Larell Ware (drums). 

Once the meat and potatoes were done (I added vocals, bass, piano/keys, guitar where necessary), I brought in gracious reinforcements from Nicholas Semrad (keys), CJ Mills (vocals), Jesse McBee (horns), Ishma Valenti (vocals), and Zachary G. Watkins (vocals). 

There are very few production tricks to this record. It was inspired by the political climate of 2016 and dystopian literature, and the raw sound it exudes is a reflection of our collective mood at the time. Enjoy. 

PS -- This is a dark, haunted little album. I had this release date planned a long time ago. If quarantine has you in a dark place, it is not likely that this music will uplift you. Having said this, I'll be writing new songs for the second half of this movement, and I have a strong feeling the sound will go from dark to light, so know that I am ultimately an optimist, and good will prevail. 

Thanks for spending the $6 if you have it, and thank you to the wonderful musicians for your contributions. I promise it'll be a unique experience.

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