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Kellison Acoustic Duo:

Dan Beard is my right hand man for all of my live gigs.  He’s a phenomenal guitarist, and his musical knowledge is insane.  I gig most often with Dan as the Kellison Acoustic Duo.  We do a lot of original and cover tunes.  I start most of the songs off with a beatbox looper.  It’s a lot of punch for the size of the act.

Song “War Games” from our upcoming album:


Kellison Quartet:

I came into the music thing as a bassist, and I still identify most with that instrument.  The Kellison Quartet is a wonderful way to keep up my chops while playing with some of the finest instrumentalists in the state.  Jesse McBee (trumpet), Larell Ware (drums), Dan Beard (guitar), and I formed this group last year with the intention of bringing a true fusion (funk/rock/jazz) band to the scene.  We are almost exclusively booking this group in the realm of performing arts and workshops.  We are a Touring Artist for the Nebraska Arts Council, and we regularly perform school workshops (separate workshops for jazz band, choirs, and elementary kids) in addition to our evening performances.

Here’s a song called V.I.L.E. Henchman:


Lucas Kellison and The Undisco Kids

For my solo electric live show, I typically hire a core band of these cats, all ridiculous talents.  Spencer Hansen (keys, trumpet, vocals), Luke Oswald (drums), Danny Firestone (bass, vocals), and, of course, Dan Beard (guitar, vocals).  There aren’t many players I’d trust to get my sound right (and then some) more than these guys.  I typically just sing lead and occasionally play guitar with this lineup.  It’s buckets of fun.


Here’s an original tune titled “Too Quick to Love” from my upcoming album “Over the Bridge”:

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