Updates! Andrea von Kampen, Jens Lehman, The Wolf’s Robe, Puddin’, more…!


I’ve spent quite a lot of time at this desk in this past few months, working on more projects than I can recall at the moment.  That said, here are a few highlights:


Andrea von Kampen was recently noticed by both NPR and Spotify for her general awesomeness.  Be sure to download her EP, Another Day, from itunes.


Jens Lehman is wrapping up his EP, All that We Could Do, which is full of interesting and eclectic tunes.  I have rarely met a person I enjoy working with more than Jens, who is also a very talented multi-instrumentalist.  I look forward to seeing where his sound evolves after this awesome project is completed.  That release will be at the Zoo Bar on May 27th!  RSVP here!

The Wolf’s Robe  is a movie I’ve been doing a lot of work for both as a sound editor and audio engineer.  My specific role mainly consisted of edits, noise reduction, inserting foley/ADR, and mixing the score.  It was the first full length feature I’ve worked on, and it was a great experience working with the very cool directors.  I also got to know another great composer in the extremely multi-talented Garrett Hope, who put together a killer score (check out his fascinating podcast Composer on Fire).  Part of this score was the young, talented folk group The Wildwoods, who made a couple of quick score contributions.  This led to some killer work with them as well.  Trailer below:

I’ve also been hired to help produce the in-studio version of Boesen and von Kampen’s (Becky and David) musical titled Puddin’ and the Grumblewhich made its debut at the Lied Center in March.  This team, consisting of writer Becky Boesen and award-winning composer David von Kampen, are also touring Catherland the Musical.  We have some in-studio video from these sessions.  Here’s one:

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 11.26.29 AM

Brett Alan has really been a great country artist to work with all the way from McCook, NE.  He has a great ear for country production, and it has been a blast meeting challenge after challenge, as the players and production for this sort of music are fairly specific.  Most recently, I was able to connect with Neil Young’s steel player to do some work on the project out of Nashville.  Small world.  We are wrapping Brett’s project in the next couple of weeks, and I’m very excited to see this thing move once it’s printed.

Other notables:

  • Jazz/soul projects from Carla Kimbrough and Natalie Wolf
  • A soul/pop project from the young (13) and very talented singer, Avery Scott.
  • Wrapping up a crazy EP from my side project collaboration with CJ Mills, etc., titled The Undisco Kids:  Acid America.

Kellison Quartet:

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 1.19.12 PM Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 12.48.04 PM

I’ve been very exited about playing my bass live again, and I have some of the best players in the Lincoln-Omaha area I’m honored to be sharing the stage with this year.  We’ll be doing my original tunes while I continue to explore different ways to feature bass-led funk in the spirit of Bootsy and Larry.  Be sure to be on the lookout, because it’s already the best live work I’ve ever done, as evidenced by our great response from the Prince tribute last week @ Vega.