Recap 6/8! — Temptations, Omaha Entertainment Awards, Love Fest, CD Release, George Clinton



Fun times, indeed.  My band, Lucas Kellison and The Undisco Kids, thoroughly enjoyed our time opening for the legendary Temptations at the Bourbon Theatre.  The show was packed, the band killed, and TJ Saddler rocked it.

Horns change everything.  I’ve always known that I wanted horns, but I’d never really meshed with the right players.  I think that’s probably changed now.  Jesse McBee (trumpet) and Patrick Brown (sax) have revolutionized our sound, and people are really, really responding.  I’m feeling a movement coming on for real, and most of you know I don’t just say things like that.

Friday night, we did our regular stint at Harney Street Tavern to a very big, receptive audience.  It was a great gig to pilot our horn section, and the band really played well.  Saturday night, we saw the fruits of our labor unfold at Reverb Lounge in Omaha as we played a late-slot showcase for the Omaha Entertainment Awards Summer Showcase.  We slayed.

This week, we’ll be playing an early set on Thursday at Love Fest in the Midwest.  I believe we’re on around 3:30p.  It’ll be fun to kick it with the jam kids.  Y’all will dig the funk, I’m sure.  You always do.

As you can see on the homepage, June 20th will be the CD Release of Bizarro Love at Duffy’s.  It’s going to be insane with a dream lineup.  Be sure to be there.

Lastly, June 23rd we’ll be opening up for my extended family, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic.  It’s been too long since I’ve hung out with the old crew.  I can’t wait to see those guys.  I’d be surprised if we didn’t lay something down in the studio.  We always do (they’re on both of the next album releases).


I’m really enjoying my time working with jazz singer Carla Kimbrough on her summer record.  She has a great spirit and unique approach to songwriting.  Take a listen to this clip!