Saturday night at Duffy’s, I’ll be releasing the first of 3 projects in the next year with help some from of my favorite artists (AZP, Kevin Sandbloom, TJ Saddler, and of course my amazing bandmates, The Undisco Kids).  Bizarro Love is a dark, digital funk/pop record that dives into an existence and experiences that I don’t want to live through again, but that I’m thankful I had an artistic representation for.  I don’t feel like I wrote this album.  Catharsis wrote this album.  It features George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic on the first track, and the mood for the record in its entirety is set.  The live show will be a mixture of BL tunes with others from the next two albums (one of which–the antithesis of this one titled Over the Bridge–is finished).

Take a listen to the title track below: