Recap 5/27/15… Legendary Beatboxer Last Week, Temptations Thursday…

Temptations Temptations @ Bourbon Thursday, 6:30pm

Jeff_2015 Jeff Thatcher of Rockapella fame

Last weekend, I played an acoustic trio show with Dan Beard and Danny Firestone at The Cask to a great audience.  After the first set, I was sitting at a table when, lo and behold, legendary beatboxer Jeff Thatcher came and sat at the table.  We have a lot of people in common (I have an a cappella background), but I want to make one thing clear:  nearly every single bit of popular a cappella music (i.e. stuff on the Sing Off) has to do with the model that Jeff’s incredible group, Rockapella, pioneered with his beatboxing.  It’s funny, because in my acoustic act, I typically beatbox with a looper.  The thing is, my method of beatboxing is a near replica of listening to this dude.  Anyway, he actually sat in with us for an impromptu version of Roberta Flack’s “Feel Like Makin Love” and it was ill.  Fun times, and perhaps the last thing I expected to have happen that night.

I also had the chance to work with Dr. David Von Kampen in doing some killer horn arrangements for the newest members of my band, Jesse McBee (trumpet) and Patrick Brown (sax).  These guys are killers, and I can’t wait to unleash their talents.


Thursday night, I’ll be part of the band that is opening for The Temptations at the Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln.  Needless to say, any time you get to share the stage with Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, it’s a treat.  I’m the MD for Lincoln R&B artist TJ Saddler.  We’ll warm up the set a bit before bringing TJ out to do his thing.  The band you see there is my gigging band.



I’m making my way in laying the groundwork for very pop, jazz, and classical projects under contract.  These are going to sound heavenly.  I’ll post clips as soon as I have some.

Additionally, I’ve been writing some great new material to be recorded with my 7-piece band.  I’m very excited for the future with this particular group of musicians.  They are truly incredible and have been willing to put in the work to make something great happen.

Exciting times!